Stuff the Bus: Hunger Awareness Festival

Are You Aware?

Approximately 20,000 Aikenites are living below the poverty level.  Thousands of Aikenites have faced unemployment and underemployment.   Seniors and people with disabilities are struggling with increasing medical expenses and loss of services.  But the most alarming statistic is that 25% of the children in Aiken County are at-risk for hunger and over 1000 of our local students have little or nothing to eat when they are out of school.  
Have you ever missed a meal?  How about no food for two or three days?  How did you feel?  Irritable, cranky, unable to concentrate..... these hungry children get in trouble due to behavior issues and they get behind in their classwork.... because we ask them to do the impossible... sit still, take good notes, pay attention, get ready for your next test, and YES, BREAK THE CYCLE of poverty.  
Leadership Aiken County is partnering with Golden Harvest Food Bank and Aiken County Schools to solve this problem.  We are raising money to sponsor children in Golden Harvest's BackPack program.  We are also hosting a hunger awareness festival on May 21st to stuff a school bus with canned goods and educate our community.  

BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION!  Help us raise $25,000 to sponsor 200 additional children in the BackPack program.  Click on the DONATE NOW button on the right.  Come back to this page to track our progress! 

We've raised $13,813 so far - over halfway there!